Individual Vehicle Mileage Report (IVMR)


A three (3) page, twenty-five (25) set, 3-part carbon copy IVMR Log booklet.


A three (3) page, twenty-five (25) set, 3-part non-carbon copy IVMR Log booklet.

The Individual Vehicle Mileage Record (IVMR) log booklet is a tool used to track your mileage and fuel for your fuel taxes.
The driver is supposed to complete this form every time he goes on a load and he marks the city and state where he fueled.

This is the perfect tool to assist you with your fuel tax audit because the fuel tax is based on mileage.
This booklet is a 3 part carbon copy booklet. One you file with your office, one you file with your fuel receipts and one you keep with the vehicle.

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